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Marvelous Molds  V-Petal Ruffle Simpress

Marvelous Molds V-Petal Ruffle Simpress

  • $ 3200

The V-Petal Ruffle Simpress® is an ingenious silicone mold that captures a groundbreaking cake decorating technique invented by the incomparable Violet Lin Tran. Her original technique required a decorator to fold each fondant v-petal ruffle individually, and then apply them to a cake one at a time – very time consuming and labor intensive! Marvelous Molds®, utilizing our mold making wizardry, found a way to capture this exquisite sugar art design in a Simpress® mold, delivering a 6” x 6.28” fondant panel which can be applied directly to a crumb coated cake. Each panel contains 54 v-petal ruffles, resulting in a very dramatic reduction in time and effort to produce a cake that used to take many hours to create.  Watch the informative video in the product gallery to learn how to use this fabulous mold.

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