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About Us

When it comes to baking supplies and decoration techniques, Dulcinea Cake Supplies is the icing on the cake. At the time, it sold baking supplies, chocolate and cake decorating tools.

The ownership of Dulcinea Bakery and Cake Supply is under Juan Carlos Valdes ,who  restructure and expand the store. Juan Carlos has over 5 years of baking and supply distribution. 

Novice, advanced bakers, and respected local pastry chefs all buy their supplies at Dulcinea Bakery and Cake Supply due to its wide selection. When you enter the colorful shop, you are greeted by an array of baking and cake decorating essentials including:
• Cupcake wrappers, tins and liners
• Cake molds, icings, silicone molds
• Cookie cutters
• Fondant and fondant cutters
• Edible decorations
• Flavorings and colorings
• Cake boards and boxes
• Chocolate
• Candy molds
• Sugar flowers
• Seasonal and themed products

Besides supplies, Dulcinea Bakery and Cake Supply is also recognized for its baking and decorating classes that attract everyone from amateur bakers and bakery shop owners to professional chefs. Our beginner classes teach the basics, while the advanced courses focus on honing skills and artistry. We’ll teach you how to make cake pops, decorate cookies and cakes, work with fondant, and create toppers. You can also learn how to work with gum paste flowers and carve whimsical, children’s and other themed cakes.

Before you embark on your next baking project, come give us a taste!