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Ma Baker & Chef Petal Dust Matte

Ma Baker & Chef Petal Dust Matte

  • $ 399

Ma Baker & Chef petal (matte) dusts may be applied directly over fondant, gum paste, and chocolate. Use a soft bristled brush to apply in powdered form. These dusts may also be mixed with a drop of melted cocoa butter, vegetable oil, rum or brandy, then mix til’ it’s completely fused, and finally apply with a paintbrush all over the sculpture or the gum paste. Additionally, the desired amount of powdered color can be mixed into your chocolate and candy coating to tint.

  • Easy application
  • Powder texture 
  • A food grade soluble additive that brings color.
  • Doesn’t add flavor.
  • FDA approved
  • KOSHER certified colors.

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