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Ateco Flower Nail 914

Ateco Flower Nail 914

  • $ 099

This Ateco 913 2" flat stainless steel flower nail is ideal for making professional roses to top cakes, cookies, and other desserts! The long stem provides a secure grip as you rotate the nail between your fingers and pipe a flower onto the top. The flat head is the perfect base for creating beautiful flowers and designs. With a smooth surface to work on, you can easily transfer flowers from the nail to your cake with an icing spatula, knife, or flower lifter. Once the flower is removed, you can even invert the nail and use the flat head to ease the flower into desired sections of your delicious creations. 

The stainless steel material wipes clean as you work quickly to form multiple flowers. An ideal size for creating a variety of flowers without taking up too much space, this nail is small enough to fit in your kitchen drawers. It's the perfect addition to your cake decorating collection! 

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